Corporate farming

We undertake large scale farming and possess the capacity to provide specialist advice and superior service to the clients who seek business opportunities in agriculture.

Companies can seek our support in the domains of farm development, farm management, irrigation consultancy, pre or post-harvest management and other farm related specialized services that are fully tailored to their individual needs.

Farm Development

We utilize new technology with a keen focus on detailed farming practices aimed at maximizing production quantity while also paying attention to getting the best quality produce

We take on development of arable & non-arable lands in large scale and convert them into full scale cultivatable lands providing step-by-step guidance for planning, designing and managing farms with various crops - cereals, fruits, vegetables and forages using modern agriculture methods. We also work on developing and establishing all the requirements for irrigation, mechanization, other facilities and infrastructure.

Farm Management

We offer productive and profitable farm management services by employing the latest in technology, combining the local and international resources paying attention to detail. We deliver a cost-effective service which can suit your needs ranging from full management to ad hoc consultancy ensuring that your business meets its full potential.

The areas of our expertise are in open fields, covered/protected fields (green houses, net houses and hydroponics)

Irrigation Consultancy

Most of the agri-businesses, large or small are depend on irrigation to supply high quality fresh fruits and vegetables. There are so many challenges to it like new regulations, greater accountability, Cost maintenance and environmental sustainability.

At Elite Agro, we apply the latest technology and expertise to water scheduling and total delivery system efficiency. We undertake irrigation systems - evaluation, design, project management, maintenance, technical support and a lot more to overcome our client’s irrigational challenges.

Our key strength is our expertise in various irrigation systems i.e. center pivots, drip lines, rain-gun and sprinkler along with all their related systems such as pump-house, controllers, water distribution network etc.

Laboratory Services

We seek to help import the latest agricultural technologies and expertise to the country and also encourage and support to adapt them to the conditions of UAE.

We have established the most modern and world class technologies in our farms and post-harvest facilities today and can boast having a fully-equipped and sophisticated laboratory to carry out almost all tests needed for the farming industry.

We believe in finding newer ways to grow more and better produce with less impact on the environment.


We have established ourselves as a renowned entity engaged in the production of fresh vegetables, fruits and cereals in the region. Our products are highly admired by our customers for their superior quality.