Food Management

Our Products

All our products are grown in global Gap/ BRC and ISO 22000 certified farms, packinghouses and facilities.


Our skilled farmers produce roma tomatoes, beef tomatoes, bunch tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, table tomatoes and other speciality tomatoes in our farms locally

These are carefully hand-picked and packaged in an environmentally responsible manner. We make sure they are available at all leading supermarkets throughout the year.


We produce high quality egg plants in certified farms, carefully ensuring best practices at all levels of production. We supply fleshy shiny egg plants which are packed in single flow packs as well as in cartons.


We have been identified as the prominent producers of Bell peppers in the region. We grow many varieties of bell peppers, snack peppers and cone peppers available in red, green, yellow & orange colors.

Our Bell peppers come in single colored pack and assorted prepacks and are available round the year.


Elite Agro produces different varieties of pepper such as sweet snack pepper, sweet conical pepper and hot pepper in various colors and shapes. Hot peppers are a terrific way to spice up any dish.


We produce continental lettuces such as lollo rosso, lollo bionda, frisee lettuce, oak leaf red, butterhead lettuce, oak leave green & baby leaves. We also produce iceberg lettuce & romaine lettuce under Global GAP and BRC certification standards.


We have introduced a wide array of herbs in our existing list of fresh produce. We have Basil, Parsley, Rose Mary, Chives, Thyme, Dil, Mint, Spring Onion, Coriander and a lot more herbs packaged in pots as well as in bunch.


Our sweet potatoes are grown from slips resulting in a yield of locally grown tasteful produce with perfect texture and color. With a controlled storage system we make sure that the product is available to our esteemed customers throughout the year. We produce the Orange flesh and White flesh sweet potatoes with purple skin.


We are one of the largest potato harvesters in UAE, producing over 20,000 metric tons of potatoes for a single season. We store Potatoes in a controlled environment and can provide it throughout the year.


At Elite Agro, we encourage eating healthy and provide you with different varieties of fresh melons like Watermelons, Sweet melons, Honey dew and Rock Melons. The warm Arabian climate is perfect for the cultivation of melons and with proper irrigation and harvesting techniques we ensure the supply of sweet fleshy produce on a regular basis.


Onions are grown in our UAE farm and the harvesting starts in the month of April. We do grow both salad onions as well as the regular cooking onions.


Our research, development and innovation team has enabled us to produce fresh figs across all seasons in the UAE through the use of high brix level, a new planting technology.


With our specialized green house facility, we ensure that only the finest and best tasting berries are handpicked at the peak of their ripeness & flavor. We adhere to good manufacturing practices and are certified by GlobalGap, BRC and HACCP for ensuring safe and premium quality products at all times.